Chiara Cappelli

Chiara.Cappelli_AssProfAssociate Professor
Scuola Normale Superiore
Palazzo della Carovana, 7
Pisa, Room 91
Tel: (0039) 050-509263

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Master (Laurea) in Chemistry (cum laude), Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pisa, IT.  PhD in Chemistry (cum laude), Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS), Pisa, IT.


from 2015                  Associate Professor, Theoretical Chemistry, SNS, Pisa, IT.
2011 – 2013        Junior Research Professor, “Computational Modelling of Complex Systems”, SNS Pisa, IT.
2006 – 2015       Tenured Researcher, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pisa, IT.
2002 – 2006       PostDoc, Italian National Institute for the Physics of the Matter (INFM), IT.


2018-                   Board Member: Tour4Eu – Tuscan Organisation of Universities and Research for Europe
2017-                   Director’s Delegate for Technology Transfer.
2016 –                 SNS appointed representative in the CECAM Council, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2016 –                 Co-organizer of the international seminars “Colloqui della Classe di Scienze”, SNS, IT.
2016 –                 Member of the University Committee for Applied Research and Technology Transfer, SNS, IT.
2016 –                 SNS appointed representative in the Board of Directors of INSTM (Italian National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science                                  and Technology), Firenze, IT.
2015 –                 Chair of the Undegraduate Studies in Chemistry and Member of the PhD boards in “Methods and Models for Molecular Sciences”                                  and “Nanosciences”, SNS, IT.
2015 –                 Elected Member of the SNS University Council (Collegio Accademico/Senato Accademico).
2012 – 2015       Director of the CECAM-IT-SNS Node.


2015 – 2018         Panel Member, H2020-MSCA-RISE, H2020-MSCA-IF, CHE panel, REA, Brussel, BE.
2015 – 2017         Evaluator, Innovation and Commercialisation in the NMP thematic area-Incomera, Brussel, BE.
2016                      Remote Referee, ERC-CoG-2016, PE4, ERCEA, Brussel, BE.
2016                      Member of the selection panel for a Researcher, University of Perugia, IT.
2017                      Member of the evaluation panel, PhD School in Physical Chemistry, University of Padova, IT.
2015                      Remote Referee, Regional Call of the Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, IT.
2015                      Evaluator, PRELUDIUM calls of the Polish National Science Center, PL.
2014                      Member of the selection panel for one Associate Professor/Lecturer, NTNU, Trondheim, NO.
2010 – 2013         Panel Member, FP7-PEOPLE-IEF/IOF/IIF, REA, CHE panel, Brussel, BE.
2012 and 2016    Remote Referee, Evaluation exercise of Italian Universities and Research Institutes, ANVUR, IT.
2012 – 2016         Remote Evaluator, Italian Ministry for Instruction, University and Research (MIUR) FIRB-Futuro in Ricerca and PRIN calls.
2011                      Evaluator, Scientific Proposal, Fondazione San Paolo, Torino, IT.
2011                      Member of the selection panel for researchers and PostDoc, CTCC “Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry”, Tromsø, NO.


2017 –                  Member, American Chemical Society
2006 –                  Member, Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) and elected member of the Board of the SCI “Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Division” (2014-2016). Member of the SCI Editorial Committee (2012-2013).
2015 –                  Member (and Chair on 2015-2016) of the International Steering Committee of the Vibrational Optical Activity-VOA conferences.
2015 –                  Member of the Management Committee of the COST Action “CM1405- MOLIM, MOLecules In Motion”.
2010 – 2014        Member of the Management Committee and coordinator of the Short-Term Missions of the COST Action “CM1002-CoDECS, Convergent Distributed Environment for Computational Spectroscopy”.
2012 –                  Member of the Scientific Committee of Lucense ScPA, Lucca, IT, a company working in applied research and technology transfer.


2018               Philip J. Stephens Award on Vibrational Optical Activity.
2017               Selected among the best 25% of all Italian Associate Professors (all disciplines) by the Italian Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del sistema Universitario e della Ricerca (ANVUR-FFABR call).
2013                 Award to female researchers who have emerged for their results in research, University of Pisa.
2013                 Italian national qualification to full professorship in “Models and Methodologies for Chemical Sciences” and “Fundamentals of Chemical Sciences and Inorganic Systems”.
2012                 Carla Roetti Medal, Italian Chemical Society (best under-40 theoretical/computational chemist active in Italy) 
2011                  Award to young researchers, University of Pisa.


  • VI International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity (VOA-6), Brescia (IT), September 2018.
  • EUCHEMS 2018, Liverpool, UK, August 2018.
  • 255th ACS National Meeting, Symposium on “Chirality from Molecules to Materials”, New Orleans LA, USA, March 2018.
  • Fall Meeting of the Division for Theoretical Chemistry of the Danish Chemical Society, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2017.
  • WATOC2017, Munich, Germany, August 2017.
  • Excited States in Complex Systems, Paris, France, November 2016.
  • ISTCP-2016 (IX conference of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics), Grand Forks, ND, USA, July 2016.
  • SAYCS 2015 (Sigma Aldrich Young Chemists Symposium), Rimini, Italy, October 2015.
  • WATOC2014, Santiago de Chile, Chile, October 2014.
  • IV International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity (VOA-4), Hebei University, China, October 2014.
  • EMLG-JMLG Conference -Molecular liquids and soft matter: from fundamentals to applications, Roma, Italy, September 2014.
  • 16thEuropean Seminar on Computational Methods in Quantum Chemistry (ESCMQC14), Houffalize, Belgium, September 2014.
  • Carla Roetti Medal Speech, 2nd Conference of the Division of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society. Padova, Italy, February 2013.
  • Theory, experiments and modelling of chemical processes, dynamics and molecular interactions – An International Conference, Bologna, Italy, December 2012.


2017                             Molecular Properties and Computational Spectroscopies-MPCS17 , Italy.  “Guest Editor” of the related Special Issue of Theoretical
Chemistry Accounts.
2016                             IV Conference of the Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society,  Italy.
2016                             Nanostructured Metal Optics: from Theory to Enhanced Spectroscopies, Sensing, Imaging, Italy.
2014                             Solutions for Solvation (100), Italy.
2014                            CECAM Workshop Binding free energy and kinetics: computation meets experiment, Italy.
2013                            Avogadro Colloquia-Second Edition, Italy.
2012                            CECAM Workshop Vibrational Optical Activity: Interplay of Theory and Experiment, Italy.
2012                            IMAMPC 2012, Italy.
2010 – 2013               Winter Modeling, Italy.
2008                           XIV European Seminar on Computational Methods in Quantum Chemistry (ESCMQC), Italy.

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